Scope of the workshop

The aim of the FMICS workshop series, is to provide a forum for researchers who are interested in the development and application of formal methods in industry. In particular, these workshops are intended to bring together scientists and practitioners who are active in the area of formal methods and interested in exchanging their experiences in the industrial usage of these methods. These workshops also strive to promote research and development for the improvement of formal methods and tools for industrial applications.

Previous workshops of the ERCIM working group on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems were held in Oxford (March 1996), Cesena (July 1997), Amsterdam (May 1998), Trento (July 1999), Berlin (April 2000), Paris (July 2001), Malaga (July 2002), Trondheim (June 2003), Linz (September 2004), Lisbon (September 2005), Bonn (August 2006), Berlin (July 2007), L'Aquila (September 2008).

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The workshop proceedings will be published in the Springer series Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Authors need to sign a copyright transfer form to transfer usage rights on their papers to Springer. You can find information about the previous LNCS 5596 book of FMICS 2008 here or access the online version. Information about LNCS 4916 book of FMICS 2007 is available here or through the online version.

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