FMICS 2003 Program
Thursday, June 5
08.45   Welcome
09.00 Invited talk: Integration of Informal and Formal Development of Object-Oriented Safety-Critical Software: A Case Study with the KeY System
Reiner Hähnle
Session I
10.00 A Case Study of a Formalized Security Architecture
Achim D. Brucker, Burkhart Wolff
10.30 break
Session II
11.00 Formalizing Java's Two's-Complement Integral Type in Isabelle/HOL
Nicole Rauch, Burkhart Wolff
11.30 Slicing Event Spaces: Towards a Java Programs Checking Framework
Nestor Catano
12.00 An Overview of JML Tools and Applications
Lilian Burdy et al.
12.30 Lunch
Session III
14.00 Automatic Detection of Copies Divergence in Collaborative Editing Systems
Abdessamad Imine, Pascal Urso
14.30 Bisimulation Reduction on Distributed Memory Machines
Stefan Blom, Simona Orzan
15.00 Verification with the Undefined: A New Look
Antero Kangas, Antti Valmari
15.30 break
16.00 Excursion
19.30 Banquet
Friday, June 6
09.00 Invited talk: Recent Trends in the Development of Safety Critical Systems
Werner Damm
Session IV
10.00 UML-Based Tool for Constructing Component Systems via Component Behaviour Inheritance
Ella Roubsova, S. Roubtsov
10.30 break
Session V
11.00 Validating OCL Specifications with the USE Tool
Paul Ziemann, Martin Gogolla
11.30 Development of Safety-Critical Reconfigurable Hardware with Esterel
Jerker Hammarberg, Simin Nadjm-Tehrani
12.00 Analysis of the MPEG-2 Encoding Algorithm with Rosa
Fernando L. Pelayo, Fernando Cuartero, Valentin Valero, Diego Cazorla
12.30 Lunch
Session VI
14.00 Model-Based Test Case Generation for Smartcards
J. Philipps, A. Pretschner, O. Slotosch, E. Aiglstorfer, S.Kriebel, K. Scholl
14.30 Towards the Verification of Real-Time Systems in Avionics: The Cotre Approach
Jean-Marie Farines et al.
15.00 An Operational Semantics for Handel-C
Andrew Butterfield, Jim Woodcock
15.30 break
16.00 FMICS meeting
Saterday, June 7
10.00 ERCIM presentations
Tool Supported Test Frameworks in TTCN-3
Ina Schieferdecker (Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin)
Information Systems Research and Development at CCLRC -- Accelerating Innovation through Technology Transfer
Juan Bicarregui (CCLRC, Oxfordshire)
Formal Methods Research at SICS and KTH: An Overview
Mads Dam (SICS, Stockholm)
11.00 break
11.30 ERCIM presentations
Distribution of Explicit-State LTL Model-Checking
Lubos Brim (Masaryk University, Brno)
On-the-Fly Verification using CADP
Radu Mateescu (INRIA Rhone-Alpes)
New Developments around the mCRL Tool Set
Jaco van de Pol (CWI, Amsterdam)
12.30 Lunch
14.00 ERCIM presentations
Formal Methods Group ETH Zürich
Cyrille Artho (ETH Zurich)
Formal Specification and Verification of Complex Systems
Stefania Gnesi (CNR, Pisa)
Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems at Trinity College, University of Dublin
Andrew Butterfield (Trinity College Dublin)
Formal Methods Research at NTNU, Department of Telematics
Rolv Braek (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim)
15.20 End of meeting

There are busses and trains running from Røros to Trondheim, the airport close to Trondheim, to Oslo and to Oslo's airport. Please contact the local organisation if you need more details about your arrival/departure possibilities.

Detailed and up-to-date information available via the ERCIM meeting website

On Saterday, June 7th, there are several options to leave the workshop venue.
To Departure Røros ETA
By Coach
Trondheim Central Station 16.35 - 19.45

By Train
Trondheim Airport Værnes 16.05 - 19.45
Trondheim Central Station 16.05 - 18.35
Oslo Airport Gardermoen 16.12 - 21.07
Oslo Central Station 16.12 - 21.34